Giving DIY gifts

The best part about making things is giving them away. I don’t actually sell anything, mainly because I don’t want to spoil something I enjoy by making it work.

Have you seen the show Hoarders? It spotlights people who hoard random items, and whose houses are full of precarious stacks that could topple any moment. This is what my apartment would look like if I didn’t give jewelry away. No joke.

One of my dear friends visited recently, and I excitedly showed her all of the things I thrifted over the last few months–the bird charms, colored stones and white beads. Then I realized that she must think I’m crazy, and I wouldn’t blame her if she did. If you don’t make jewelry it would be hard to understand the enthusiasm toward old, rather junky-looking thrift store finds. But if any of my friends think I’m nuts, they don’t tell me… Maybe it’s because I give them things.

I used to be self conscious about giving jewelry to other people because it wasn’t “store quality” or I didn’t spend much money on it. But if a friend gave me something they made with their own two hands, I would appreciate it even if it wasn’t perfect. Keep that in mind the next time you give a DIY gift. It’s not about what you give, it’s about the intention behind it–the fact that you made it with that person in mind.

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